Find your missing feature with a Pushword Extension

  • Admin Create, edit, delete Page, Media, User with an interface built on top of Sonata Admin.
  • Admin Block Editor Supercharge default admin with a rich text editor wich managed blocks.
  • Advanced Main Image Supercharge the Pushword Admin with a new admin form field to customize the main image format from not visible to HERO + default template files.
  • Conversation Extend your Pushword website with comments, a contact form or just an user input.
  • Flat Transform Pushword in a FlatFile CMS.
  • Page Scanner Find dead links, 404, 301 and more (command line or admin).
  • Page Update Notifier Get mail notification when your pushword content (page) is edited.
  • Static Generator Generate a static website serve by github pages, apaches with one command or via the admin.
  • Svg Add SVG with ease in your main content or in a template file via a twig function.
  • Template Editor Edit view file online in the admin.
  • Version Versioning pages with Pushword CMS.

Add your own extension editing this file on github.