You can do advanced filtering toward the twig pages_list like in the admin-block-editor.

ValueExpected behavior
childrenfilter children pages (case insensitive)
grandchildrenfilter grandchildren pages's pages (case insensitive)
children_childrenalias for grandchildren (deprecated)
sistersfilter sister pages (case insensitive)
parent_childrenalias for sisters (deprecated)
relatedif there is a parent page, filter results with sister pages with a pageId inferior to currentPageId + 3
comment:_exampleValue_filter rpages containing in mainContent <!--exampleValue--> (deprecated, prefer tags)
related:comment:_exampleValue_same as related but instead of sister pages, it's pages containing the comment
title:_exampleValue_filter pages containing in title (seo title or h1) the exampleValue
content:_exampleValue_same than title + searching in mainContent too
slug:_exampleValue_filter pages with the exact slug (useful only with OR)
slug:_%exampleValue%_same than slug: with % ➜ filter page with the slug containing exampleValue.
exampleValuefilter tag (exact match only !)

Using Operators OR or AND

For now, you can only use OR or AND operator in the same query

Examples :

  • related:comment:blog OR related
  • parent_children OR related OR page:custom-slug
  • parent_children AND related AND page:custom-slug (this one will output only 1 result)
  • parent_children AND related OR page:custom-slug (this one will output only 1 result)
  • (parent_children AND related) OR page:custom-slug (this one will output only 1 result)