Advanced Main Image

Supercharge the Pushword Admin with a new admin form field to customize the main image format from not visible to HERO + default template files.


composer require pushword/advanced-main-imaged


If you want to go forward than a default install (activating advanced image field for every ), you can override default parameters in your config :

advanced_main_image: true # Set false to disable block editor for new page (because new page does not have an associated `app` yet)

If you override the default page/page.html.twig, the extension may not work properly.


When mainImageFormat is set to default (0) or none (1), it's ever managed by the default page/_content.html.twig.

When mainImageFormat is greater than 1, it's managed by new template files added by this extension :

  • page/page_hero.html.twig.
  • page/_content_hero_.html.twig.