• PHP >=8.0
  • PHP extensions : dom, curl, libxml, mbstring, zip, pdo, sqlite, pdo_sqlite, bcmath, soap, intl, gd, exif, iconv, fileinfo
  • Composer (how to install composer)

Automatic installer via composer

composer create-project pushword/new pushword

That's it ! You can still configure an app or directly launch a PHP Server :

cd pushword;
php bin/console pushword:new
php -S -t public/

By running the following command, it will install a few extensions to have a classic installation.

composer req pushword/admin pushword/admin-block-editor pushword/page-scanner pushword/static-generator pushword/template-editor pushword/version

# More specific
composer req pushword/page-update-notifier
composer req pushword/advanced-main-image
composer req pushword/conversation

# create a new user
php bin/console pushword:user:create


Want more feature like an admin dashboard, a static website generator or a flat-file CMS manager ?

Look the extensions.

Manual installation

You can use composer require pushword/core in an existing Symfony Project. Have a look into vendor/pushword/core/install.php to finish manually the installation.


Stay up to date with only one command :

composer update