At any moment, you can get the avalaible command from symfony by typing php bin/console list.

Now, let's see what command we have and how useful there are.

The list above may vary depending on installed extensions

To get more details on each command line, just type -h (eg php bin/console pushword:user:create -h)

  pushword:flat:import                       Syncing flat file inside database
  pushword:flat:export                       Export database toward file (yaml+json)
  pushword:image:cache                       Generate all images cache
  pushword:image:optimize                    Optimize all images cache
  pushword:page:scan                         Find dead links, 404, 301 and more in your content.
  pushword:static:generate                   Generate a static version for your website(s)
  pushword:user:create                       Create a new user