BugFix && To finish

  • [Core/Admin] catch Exception and show them in flash messages, eg : PagesListTwigTrait / PageController

  • [Admin] Block (left column) for viewing Page subtitle and navigate in the content

  • [Admin] Page : Code Editor for Autres paramêtres (yaml highlighting)
  • [Admin] Implements htmx ?!
  • [Admin] Better Parent UX : Title + Slug
  • [Admin] switch code editor to
  • [Admin] ctrl+s -> save (without reloading)

  • [AdminBlockEditor] horizontal toggle button (for list or pages_list)

  • [AdminBlockEditor]
  • [AdminBlockEditor]
  • [AdminBlockEditor] Block Nav Menu (guttenberg style)
  • [AdminBlockEditor] Span with class, nearest implementation
  • [AdminBlockEditor] Group
    • = div wrapper with anchor and class (and strettched ? flex ? grid ?), nearest imlpementation:
  • [AdminBlockEditor] Add if media.url not found
  • [AdminBlockEditor] Media Stretch bug
  • [AdminBlockEditor] Add Layout
  • [AdminBlockEditor] Link suggester
  • [AdminBlockEditor] Image > Add link + Alt and redesign Legend
  • [AdminBlockEditor] document Pages Block on UI
  • [AdminBlockEditor] édition avancée (template notamment dans pages, prose/unprise)
    • rewrite the fullscreen, wide, and max width from prose - see
  • [AdminBlockEditor] sanitize with (see AdminFormEventSuscriber.php)

  • [DX] Implement ESlint

  • // TODO check a new blank installation

  • [Core] pagination : tester & documenter

    • Bug quand une page a le même URI qu'une page de la pagination OU sur l'ID (attrapé avant la pagination)=> En fait, c'est paginer la page d'accueil qui fait le max de bordel
  • [StaticGenerator] Make ErrorPageGenerator consistent with htaccess (on htaccess, filter by beginning url to return the correct one ?!)

  • [All] prepare translating and transalte


  • [Version] Advanced Diff Checker raw /editorjs

    • Change requester
    • Public Historic (or make accessible historic from page object)
  • [Admin] Multi-upload (see + Multi Select

  • Intégrer LinksImprover (+ UX)

  • [PageScanner] texte alternatif manquant

  • [PageScanner] Check there is no translation with the same language than current page
  • [PageScanner] add ou plutôt dans othersParameters-> donner un code unique aux erreurs

  • eCommerce bridge with sylius ?!

  • [Core] MediaCleaner command : find unused media and removed them (page scanner ?!

  • [Flat] Transform markdown link to page link (useful for navigate in docs from editor)

  • [Flat] Throw error when the content is more up to date in database

  • manage date i18n a better way than randomly (document the process)

  • Complex Right System : Multi-user editor Multi-site but not everybody can edit everything (see (extension or core ?)

  • [Core] Rewrite filter componenent to use the power of symfony service

  • [Admin] : Automatic save without flooding version

  • [Flat] (spatie/yaml-front-matter, vérif à chaque requête pour une sync constante admin -> flat files)

  • [New] Batch Content Edition

-- [All] Drop Weird Config Prepender

Imply to rewrite for example :


use Symfony\Component\DependencyInjection\Loader\Configurator\ContainerConfigurator;

return static function (ContainerConfigurator $containerConfigurator): void {
    $containerConfigurator->extension('twig', [
        'form_themes' => [


return [
    'twig' => [
        'form_themes' => [

Why :

  • Less custom code
  • Stan ?