Upgrade Guide

Smooth way is to use composer, a dependency manager for PHP.

Run composer update and the job is done (almost).

If you are doing a major upgrade, find the upgrade guide down there.

To 0.0.800

  • Update doctrine
php bin/console make:migration && php bin/console doctrine:migrations:migrate
  • Update main content's block
php vendor/pushword/admin-block-editor/src/Installer/Update795.php~
  • Update front-end to tailwind 3 by keeping only @pushword/js-helper as dependency in your assets/package.json and simplify webpack.config.js and, if needed, app.js and app.css (see the simpliest way packages/skeleton/assets)

To 0.0.728

  • Update stylesheets
cd assets && yarn && yarn encore production
  • Update doctrine
bin/console make:migration && bin/console doctrine:migrations:migrate

From PiedWeb/CMS 0.0.86 to Pushword

  • switch dependencies from piedweb/cms to pushword/core (composer + src/Entity)
  • install required extension (like pushword/admin, have a look in the extensions list)
  • Delete symlinks in config/packages

  • Update database

    bin/console make:migration && bin/console doctrine:migrations:migrate
  • Update config by moving static under apps where first host is static.domain.

       - {hosts: [mywebsite.com, preprod.mywebsite.com], base_url: https://mywebsite.com}
  • Delete feed*.xml and sitemap* files in public

  • Update your custom template file

  • Search for all <!-- in mainContent and put them in customProperties's textarea