Managing Assets (css/js)

The default installer copy/paste a skeleton for a website stylized with tailwindcss.

To update it, just go in ./assets and edit app.js, app.css, directly the tailwind configuration or the webpack.config.js.

Then run wepback :

cd assets

yarn && yarn encore dev
## OR yarn encore production

If you want to change the default location for assets, just edit ./config/packages/pushword.yaml and configure apps.0.assets (eg)

Automatic Tailwind Update on page update

If you use tailwind class inside a page content, by default the command yarn encore production is runned when you update a page.

May be sure this option is working by checking var/log/lastTailwindGeneration.

If not working, you may add path to bin in config :

  path_to_bin: /home/username/bin:/opt/alt/alt-nodejs16/root/usr/bin/

To disable it, add in config :

  tailwind_generator: false

Note : the assets built by tailwind can be built after page loaded.